Baz Bus has been part of the ELUNDINI HOME for mentally and / or physically disabled children in De Noon for 3 years. We have been privileged in our role as a sponsor to have been part of the process which has improved the lives of the children on a daily basis over the last 3 years.


This is our long term project which we are committed to assist with improvements to the home.


In 2010, we contributed towards a bus to transport the children to and from their homes in Du Noon.


In 2011, disabled ablution facilities were built and Baz Bus was a very proud sponsor. This important upgrade to the school changed the lives of the children, teachers and volunteers forever. 



This year we generously offered a donation to so that the bathrooms and toilets could be tiled.



Since the end of 2011, an occupational therapist has been involved in setting up appropriate toys for the children. She also recommended that toys and activities be stored in large plastic storage containers which have an identifying mark on them and then the teachers take one and work with a small group using that ‘ box of goodies’ and then rotate to another box to create variety of activity with the children.

This year, Baz Bus bought all the toys and boxes suggested by the therapist.


Many of our hostels also kindly donated toys and items so a “MASSIVE” thank you from the children.


It has also become an annual tradition to visit the crèche and provide an afternoon of entertainment with lunch thereafter.


We have a special magician, Madeleine, who has been part of this event for the last 3 years. She has the “magic” touch with the children…the favourite trick is always the rabbit which gets the most amazing reactions from the children. 



The show was followed by lunch …thank you to everyone lovingly assisted in feeding the children.



Afterwards we handed out party packets which created such excitement. We had cartoon character themed party packs filled with delicious treats. The children so enjoyed being the centre of attention!!!


Indy, the principal, thanked Barry and everyone for spending the afternoon with the children.



A great afternoon of giving and sharing!!!














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