Baz Bus Cape Peninsula day tour – wildlife encounters!

I have done the Cape Peninsula tour a couple of times but never viewed as much wildlife as I did on this trip so I would love to share the photos with you. 

As the weather had been inclement earlier in the week we were blessed with blue skies and lovely sunshine! 

The boat trip to Seal Island was awesome and thousands of seals were just soaking up the sun when our boat arrived near the island.

We then made our way to Boulders Beach, home to the Jack Ass Penguins. I found the furry baby penguins extremely adorable. When we arrived at the beach it was clear that it was lunch time, all the penguins were moving towards the water to get their lunch.

 Shortly after we left the reserve and drove towards Cape Point. On the way a very excited baboon jumped onto our bus window to check out the occupants and this was a perfect photo opportunity. He was definitely a show off and posed like a true super model. The guide explained to us not to take any food with us in our backpacks on our hike in the reserve after lunch as the baboons are not scared of humans and will attack if they think they can get a free lunch.

 Once we arrived in the reserve we were given the option to do some biking. Our guide, Nizaam, spotted an eland which is one of eight species of antelope found in the park. The eland felt like a star as we were like the paparazzi, everyone was just snapping away. Nizaam mentioned that we were extremely lucky to spot the eland because they normally don’t come this close to the road.

After the biking we had a delicious lunch, followed by a hike from Cape Point to Cape of Good Hope. On our way we came across two ostriches. They seemed extremely territorial and we later realised the two eggs in the bush. Have a look closely on the left hand side of the photo.

This was so amazing. Further along we came across rock dassies, Nizaam mentioned that they are the closest relative to the Elephant. Yes, I said the elephant.

I was extremely fortunate to have been privileged to have spotted so much wildlife on the day and I was so excited to share my photos and experiences.




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